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2 years ago

Do You Need To See A Doctor for Your Hémorroïdes - 4 Signs To Look For

Do You Need To See A Doctor for Your Hémorroïdes - 4 Signs To Look For

Hémorroïdes make everyone uncomfortable. Most people, however, prefer to try to deal with them via home remedy rather than discuss such a personal issue with the doctor. Hemorrhoids can indicate more serious problems, so there are some signs to watch for that will let you know it is time to see the doctor for the issue.


For example, any type of rectal bleeding could be related to les hémorroïdes, or it could be a sign of a serious condition. Because of this, it is wise to see the doctor to be sure it is simply the hemorrhoid and find a solution for the problem.


Another reason to see the doctor would be that you have attempted to treat it on your own and not found any relief from the pain and/or itching. If the symptoms persist beyond a week, consult a doctor.


A third sign that means a doctor visit should be in your future is if the rectal bleeding is accompanied by a dizzy spell or feeling faint. This is cause for you to seek emergency care immediately.


Finally, passing tarry looking fecal matter or that is maroon in color is a sign to see the doctor. This indicates bleeding, and it can be a severe condition causing it.